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Taking the Big Kid Bed Plunge – Strategies to get a Child to Move into a Big Kid Bed

While there is no ‘right’ age for moving your child into his or her own big kid bed, there does come a point where it’s simply necessary for one reason or another. The appropriate time is different for each family, depending on their sleeping arrangements and what’s comfortable for the family and the child.
Timing is Everything. Moving into a big kid bed is a big transition for a young child. While exciting, it can also be scary and overwhelming. The move has to happen when everything else in the child’s life is consistent. Do not do it if the child is experiencing another major change at the same time. If he/she is potty training, weaning from nursing or a bottle, or starting school or daycare, wait until the child is comfortable with that transition first. If the move to the bed is coming because a new baby is expected, do the move months before the baby comes.
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Continue with your bedtime routine. If you don’t have a routine, now is the time to set one up. For ideas on what this routine should include, you can see Bed-Time Tips for your Child.
Let your child be involved in the process. When a child is involved, it gives him ownership over the situation and allows him to feel that he is part of the decision. This can mean letting him pick out the bed, the comforter or a pillow cover and perhaps a stuffed animal to keep on the bed to snuggle with.
Talk about it. Start the big kid bed conversation a couple of weeks before the actual move. Start talking about other family members or friends who sleep in big kid beds. Get some children books, such as Your Own Big Bed and A Bed of Your Own to read together.
Expect that it will take some time. Chances are that your child won’t just go into his new bed and sleep through the night right away and that’s okay. Give him positive encouragement just for staying in it however long he does, even if it’s only a minute. Then remind the child he has to stay in his own bed. It make take a week or two before he/she is comfortable enough to stay put.
Stay with your child. You want your child to feel safe. The first few nights, get in bed and cuddle until he/she falls asleep. Then gently walk away once the child is asleep. If he/she wakes, go back in and cuddle. After a few days, if you decide that cuddling is not to be part of the bedtime routine, you can stay by the door to reassure your child you are still there, spending less time at the door each night.

Our New Arrival!!

Introducing our NEW ARRIVAL at My Green Mattress

Our newest product is now available for you to purchase just in time for YOUR new arrival! We are very excited to offer the My Green Crib mattress made with organic cotton and natural wool for just $249 with free shipping. It’s important to know that not all crib mattresses are made the same, and that choosing a crib mattress warrants careful consideration.

You know that new babies need love, attention, nourishment, and up to 18 hours of sleep each day to grow up healthy. We want to keep your baby safe and as close to nature as possible when he is sleeping all those hours (fingers crossed). Many conventional mattresses are made with dangerous flame retardant chemicals and petroleum based foams that off~gas and can cause sleep disturbances, allergies, and illness. We know you want something better!

Like us, you want to offer your little one the most non-toxic and natural products you possibly can. At My Green Mattress, we now offer our customers a crib mattress of the highest quality, handcrafted with an organic cotton and natural wool quilted cover. The wool acts as a natural flame retardant meaning your baby won’t be exposed to any dangerous flame retardant chemicals. We use a heavy batting of organic cotton to provide your baby comfort and a natural night’s sleep. The mattress contains a firm 150 coil innerspring unit with a supportive edge. (Recommended by the Consumers Safety Commision – http://www.cpsc.gov//PageFiles/129289/202.pdf)  And, we’ve made the mattress two-sided for longer wear and the ability to flip it in case of an accident or spill. All of our My Green Mattresses are proudly handcrafted in the USA.

Each crib mattress is made to order and shipped to your doorstep via Fed Ex within 7 days. We’re very excited about our new arrival and we hope you are too!

Perfect for your baby, the My Green Crib Mattress:

  • is handcrafted using organic cotton and premium wool
  • contains no chemical flame retardants
  • uses non-synthetic fabrics
  • latex free
  • free of polyurethane foams
  • passes all open flame testing required by law
  • is certified to be free of lead by UL Laboratories
  • Dimensions: 27.5″ width x 52.5″ length x 6″ height
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The Yin and Yang of SLEEP!

We make mattresses, so obviously we love everything about sleep and getting the “best” sleep possible.  Here’s a great take on how to achieve optimal sleep, written by my amazing, holistic healthcare practitioner, Eutimia Cruz Montoya.  

You’ve heard about Yin and Yang.  They represent the duality that is present in all of nature.  Yin represents the female principle; it is cool, solid, yielding, dark, water and earth.  Yang represents the male principle; it is hot, moving, forceful, airy, fire and sky.  Everything on this earth has components of Yin and Yang.  Yin and Yang oppose one another, depend on one another, consume one another, and transform into one another.  Our entire picture of health depends on how we are able to accommodate the shifts of Yin and Yang within our own bodies, and within our environments.

Sleep is a Yin activity.  Sleep is restorative and restful.  It allows for the renewal of our energy through quiet receiving.  Night is also Yin.  Night is dark, cool, and quiet.  According to the Tao, or, the laws of how all life is interwoven and progressing, we are all always affected by the movements of our internal and external environments.  The nature of every season, every food, every emotion, every sound, has an energetic pull on us, and our body, mind, spirit complex.  In order for us to be without uncomfortable symptoms, the qualities of these internal and external energetic pulls must be enhancing and balancing one another.

Therefore, my friends, the best, most enhancing, restorative and regenerative sleep, happens at night.  That is, we get the most support from our external and internal environments, during Yin processes (like sleep) when we sleep during Yin hours (at night).  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine all organs function at their optimal capacities during specific hours of the clock.  The blood restores itself at Yin time, in the Liver, between 1-3am.  Yang functions, like eating, that require an active process, such as digestion, are more apt during Yang time, during the day.  For example, the most optimal time to eat is during Stomach time, from 7-9am, therefore, Chinese Medicine looks favorably upon consuming a large breakfast, as the Yang energy of the morning helps to facilitate our digestive functions.


If it is absolutely unavailable for you to be asleep by around 9pm, you can still create the most conducive Yin environment for your sleep.  Make your sleeping space as dark, silent and comfortable as possible; make your space like a safe nest, so your body feels present and in-tune for the Yin process of sleep.  If you have a hard time sleeping in general, you can add to the Yin principle of your constitution by participating in restorative practices like deep breathing, foot baths and self-massage. Yang energy, like heat, rises in the body.  Therefore, generally, if we are having a hard time sleeping, we must descend Yang energy, and augment Yin energy.  This can be accomplished with visualization and some lifestyle shifts.


To get better sleep:

Give yourself a nightly, warm foot bath.  This will both send Yang energy down, and rise Yin energy to the Yin organs, offering the feeling of calm and support, and draining the go, go, go, do, do, do from the head, for easier, more restful sleep.

Do not eat before sleep!  Digestion is a Yang activity.  When we fill our stomach before sleepy time our system will be unable to digest to full capacity.  This not only leads to unrestful sleep (with many vivid dreams), but could also exacerbate metabolic and digestive pathologies.

Lay off the spicy foods!  Spicy foods have a HOT quality.  Once again, heat rises.  If we have too much Yang energy up top, it will be harder to fall into the depths of sleep.

Give technology a break before sleep.  For the same reason of Yang energy activating the upper region (mind and heart) in the form of fast moving pixels, it will be easier to fall asleep after having offered a more calm (Yin) mental environment.

Consume fewer stimulants.  You guessed it!  Stimulants are full of Yang energy!  Drinking lots of caffeine and consuming nicotine or other stimulant drugs (prescriptions included) will lessen the capacity for fully restful sleep.

Take some nice deep breaths intending energy downward.  Deep breaths are known to slow the heart rate on their own.  When coupled with intention to release excess Yang energy, and bring in calming Yin energy, our sleep will come sooner and be more restful.

May your sleep be dark, quiet, restful and restorative!

Eutimia Cruz Montoya is a curandera (spiritual healer), herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, and Real Foods Activist.  She grew up participating in indigenous American song, dance and prayer traditions, giving her an inborn connection to, and understanding of, Body and Source.  Eutimia is a Stanford-trained anthropologist, and has been studying and practicing Classical Chinese Medicine since 2004.  Most recently she has come home to her maternal Curanderismo (American indigenous medicine) roots and integrates all aspects of her medical knowledge in her private holistic healthcare practice in Denver, Colorado.  As an educator, Eutimia is passionate about reigniting the fire of agency in Personal Well-Being through teaching the importance of environmental influences on whole body, mind and spirit health.

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